Our Rice Milk is made from rice grains. During the process of its manufacturing it undergoes a natural enzymatic process, which splits carbohydrates into sugars. It is carried out by pressing the rice grains through a grinding mill after which it undergoes a process of highly-specialized filtration followed by blending it with pure natural water. The resulting product is a clean-tasting, protein-free and naturally-sweet Rice Milk.

Rice n Shine Rice Milk is certified protein and fat-free. The product is available in either conventional or organic form, as per your requirements.

We’re Here to Support You Every Step of the Way to Find The Rice Solution for when the time is Rice!

Substitute Ingredients with

Rice Milk

Cow or Buffalo Milk

Soy milk

Almond Milk

Goat Milk

Hemp Milk

Coconut Milk

Usages & Applications

Baby Foods

Bakery Products


Allergy Friendly Oatmeal Recipes


Smoothies and Shakes

Waffles and Muffins

Grasshopper Brownies


Soaked Oats

Custards and Cereals

Oatmeal Pumpkins and Ice-creams

Food Sector

Food Sector

Throughout our history we have maintained a strong presence in the food sector.

Health & Nutrition Sector

Health Sector

Rice n Shine offers innovative solutions for the Health & Nutrition Sector.

Dairy Alternative

Dairy Alternative

We ‘find the Rice Solution’ for plant-based consumers and those intolerant or opposed to animal-based ingredients.

Animal Feed and Petfood

Animal Feed & Petfood

Rice n Shine offers rice-based products, which contribute nutritional value in animal feed and petfood.



Rice n Shine stands for a brighter future through corporate responsibility and climate action.



As part of “finding the rice solution” we aim to reduce the ecological impact of construction.



The use & treatment of rice by-products gives numerous possibilities for industries, such as packaging.

Fuel & Energy

Fuel & Energy

Our Corporate Philosophy centers on increasing the value of by-products in the energy sector.”

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